Friday, January 9, 2015

RH Swimwear // Review & Interview

I thought these bathers were gorgeous! I generally only admire bathers from afar (especially two pieces), but these are actually just as great on people who aren't models. I promise!

RH Swimwear (owned and run by the lovely Ruth Hurley) sent me this mix-and-match bikini - Midnight Floral Tie Top & Lemon Hipster Bottoms and honestly I was a little lot nervous. I hadn't bought bathers off the internet before, so having not tried them on was new. As it turns out though, I really didn't need to worry: they fit perfectly.

I was super happy with how they felt and looked. (Although I did have to check that the yellow wouldn't go see-through before I wore them to the beach..They aren't.) The hipster-style bottoms are really flattering; in fact all the styles are, but these are still my personal favourite. I liked that they covered a little bit more than some of the other designs, so if you aren't as confident or just don't want to show as much skin than these are definitely a good option.

The top is quite low cut but I never felt like it was going to move (except when a friend didn't tie it correctly, but that's another story). I'd totally recommend this top; if it can survive a swim in the cold waters of Tasmania, it's definitely a good investment.

I also tried a one-piece, which definitely wasn't the right suit for me. I think these could look great on some bodies, but if (like me) you have a longer torso maybe skip it. I didn't feel confident or completely comfortable; I'm much happier in a bikini set.

I was also lucky enough to speak to the mastermind behind RH Swimwear! So I'll let her give you some more insight into the brand, what's been and what's coming up.

Mahalia: For those new to RH Swimwear, can you give us a little sneak into how your boutique was born?
Ruth: Like many brands the concept for the label was born out of frustration as a consumer myself. I found that although there are a lot of beautiful swimwear brands in Australia I could only afford one nice piece a year, which as a girl that lived in Bondi [Beach, Sydney] (and now Manly) wasn't enough, when I was hitting the beach every weekend. After much time considering the concept, it was when I went travelling for a year that I had the time and head space to really start looking into the logistics of setting it up, as well as designing the first collection. Two years later we launched online and in a few select boutiques!

M: Since the start of RH Swimwear how has it expanded? What's changed?
R: Well it only launched two months ago so not much has changed yet! Although already I can't wait for next year, to implement some new ideas.

M: What are your hopes for RH Swimwear in the future?
R: I'd love it to become a go-to label for beautiful, on trend yet wearable swimwear. I definitely want it to become more accessible, however retaining its boutique feel is also very important.

M: Does RH Swimwear have anything it lives by?
R: Live the beach life! The label was born out of my love for living by the beach and the entire lifestyle that comes with that. We recently launched our blog [hashtag] #beachlife , which discusses everything from swimwear trends, to shabby chicing furniture in order to make your home beachy beautiful! That's not to exclude people who aren't lucky enough to live by the beach, as we feel that living the beach life is more about life philosophy than geography.

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