Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cheeky Babe Gear & Bling

I've been posting a lot on my Facebook, Instagram (@mlovee123) and on the sidebar of Love 'Em about Cheeky Babe Gear & Bling. And once you have a browse of the online store I'm sure you'll see why! (PLUS you can use LOVEEM for a discount at the checkout.)

The owner of Cheeky Babe, Nathalie, is passionate about clothes; specifically those feminine and comfortable. And a little bit fun and cheeky.

So indulge yourself in the interview and in the boutique, too!

Mahalia: For those new to Cheeky Babe Gear & Bling, can you give us a little sneak into how your online boutique was born?
Nathalie: Cheeky Babe was born out of my passion for travelling, warmth, beaches, freedom and my need for cheeky yet feminine yet comfortable fashion. The online boutique allows me the freedom I was seeking, as well as the privilege to indulge in, and share, the gorgeous fashion created by designers all over the world. I am lucky enough to travel the world for inspiration and also very lucky to have a mother-in-law who is a wonderful seamstress. Together we are working on the next Cheeky Babe exclusive collection. also, at the centre of my project was the desire to create a company that would help empower other entrepreneurs...and that's why I created the socialite (affiliate), party goddess and wholesale programs: to share Cheeky Babe's collections and success with other business oriented fashionistas.

 M: What is your personal favourite season to dress for?
N: Summer. I love the warmth and the beach. I was born in Canada where it sometimes gets down to -40 Celsius. I'm sure you can understand why I love the warm weather so much!

M: What is your most loved item in your wardrobe?
N: A white chiffon maxi dress. It's fresh, crisp and comfy. I can dress it up or down, layer it in winter, take it to the office or the beach...and it's not black.

M: What are your hopes for Cheeky Babe in the future?
N:  As well as sourcing fashion items from all over the world, I am working on designing an exclusive Cheeky Babe collection, only available from us...I aim to create cheeky, comfortable, feminine clothes for every [girl] to enjoy. I [also] want to grow the team. I would love to have 100 active distributors/promoters in Australasia, Europe and America. We currently have 5. We currently have clients in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I'd like to expand to Asia and America.

M: Which item do you think every girl should have in her wardrobe?
N: A nice large scarf that can be used as a sarong, top, skirt or a scarf! A good quality, neutral coloured scarf is the most important item in a girl's wardrobe.

M: What about for guys?
N: A pair of blue jeans. Everything starts from a pair of jeans for guys.

Black dress as seen on Skye during Big Brother Australia 2014
M: If you could style anyone in the world who would it be and what would they wear?
N: If I could pick just one person, I'd pick a woman who is fighting for her life. Whether it's someone with a health problem, an economical challenge, a victim of violence or bullying. I'd love to help this woman feel better, have fun and maybe even start her own business with Cheeky Babe. She'd wear whichever items in our collection made her smile the most.
If I could style many women, I'd style all the women who don't like their bodies. I'd love to help them feel good about themselves. Help them reveal to themselves how beautiful they are. I don't support the super thin models pushed upon us as the only format for feminine beauty. As you see on my Facebook page, the real life "models" are from various sizes, shapes and ages. A confident and comfortable woman, at any age, is a beautiful woman.

M: Does Cheeky Babe have anything it lives by? A motto or saying perhaps?
N: Go cheeky!

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